KTPA: The Hard Part …

I keep plugging away at KTPA during free moments. One of the things I’m trying to do, and that I try to do in all my scenery, is create a very accurate ramp environment. This means detailed placement of all lines, and KTPA has hundreds of them, including yellow bars and chevrons on the paved margins around taxiways. Thanks to the new art assets in WED and 11.1, one can now make these chevrons using yellow draped polygons. I’m also accurately portraying the taxiway margins, and hand placing every blue taxiway light. It’s a time-consuming process, and for me it’s not the funnest part of the design, but I think the results are worth it.



I’m A Slow Learner

A frustrating few days in the sim recently. I’ve been having repeated crashes to desktop, right after the sim puts the plane on the ramp, both with beta RC2 and 3 (just released today). Nothing seemed to fix it, and the culprit seemed to be the usually rock-solid SPAD.neXt.

The problem? The thing that always seems to be the problem when the sim is acting strangely: USB hub power management. Somehow in recent Windows updates all my USB hubs were set back to “power management on.” This is a no-no in Saitek world. I toggled them all back to power management off and things are right as rain.

I’ve learned this lesson more than once, but didn’t think of it today as it’s been so long since I’ve had the problem. Luckily someone somewhere had mentioned the same issue recently so it was top of mind. But it bears repeating: if things aren’t working as they should, check USB power and power management as a first step.

More KTPA Progress

I forecasted that it would take months, and that’s still a correct estimate. But it’s coming along, most recently with quite a bit of progress on the Southwest Airlines terminal. Still much, much, much to do …






X-Plane 11.1rc2 Beta

The X-Plane 11.1 beta is now in Release Candidate 2, meaning Laminar are getting close to releasing 11.1 as a non-beta product. I’ve only had one brief flight with it. My experience, like that of several others, is that there seems to be some issue between WorldTraffic 3 and 11.1rc2. My frame rates were highly variable — from the 4os down to the teens — vacillating back in forth in short order from good to awful. When I disabled WT3 my frames stabilized around their normal levels of 30+, and in fact, my impression is that my frames and smoothness both improved from rc1. I hope to take a longer flight today and we’ll see how things go. I have also read in the .ORG forums that WT3.1 may solve the issue, but for now I have the plugin disabled.