Reality XP GTN 750 & Traffic

I noted in my last video that I wished the Reality XP GTN 750 would show PilotEdge traffic. According to this post at the PE forums it will – one just has to set the X-Plane AI traffic setting to some number that is one greater than the number of targets you wish to see (e.g., set it to 11 to see 10 targets). I’ll have to try this when I’m next in the sim and see if this is still the case …

One thought on “Reality XP GTN 750 & Traffic

  1. I tried messing around with the AI setting to see if I could get the GTN 750 Traffic to work on Pilotedge. I couldnt really find a way to set the number of objects as described. Additional info would be great if you can get it to work…
    thanks in advance

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