Help Me Test KSPG Gateway Edition

I’ve been working for some time on an Albert Whitted / KSPG (my home airport) for the X-Plane Gateway. I have a version complete

, and I’m uploading it here in hopes that some readers might download it and test it out prior to submission. I’ve done truck traffic routes and ATC wind rules for the first time in this scenery, so I’d appreciate particular attention to AI behavior (and yes, I know some of the trucks drive through the occasional corner of a building, but I can’t really avoid it). So if you like, download it here and give it a whirl. There are no scenery libraries required for this airport as it is made entirely with default objects

, but it does require the 11.3 beta. Also note that the pics below (of an earlier version quite similar to the one here) are on top of my orthographic scenery and that this scenery does not include ortho imagery. Many thanks.

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KTPA Gateway Beta 4: Lights!

Beta 4 of KTPA is available here. This revision adds correct placement of taxiway and ramp lighting. I have hand placed every single taxiway light for accuracy. Next step will be finalization of the terminals in turn. Note that you must be running X-Plane 11.1 to use this scenery.




KTPA Gateway Beta 3

Beta 3 is up and you may download it here. This version brings completed taxiway lines and taxiway line lights to the package. Next step is to begin working over each terminal in turn. A reminder: this beta requires X-Plane version 11.1 and will not run on 11.05 or earlier versions.


KTPA Beta2: Terminal E Addition

Here’s an update to the KTPA beta, with Terminal E roughed out well enough for use. This means all commercial terminals are in place, although I am likely going to replace Terminal A, which uses older terminal objects, next.

Get the beta here. Note that it runs on X-Plane 11.1 only. No additional libraries are required as it only uses default objects.

Here are some shots of Terminal E.


b738_6\ b738_5





KTPA Gateway Beta For Download

I’ve completed the first set of beta work for the KTPA I’ve been developing for the Gateway and am posting it here for use. Note that this is very incomplete, and a work in progress. The only thing that I would consider finished is the runway and taxiway layout, including the border taxi lines. The taxiway lines themselves, lights, and signage are incomplete, as are the objects and all of Terminal E. But it’s enough to get started for those who want to give it a shot. NOTE THAT X-PLANE 11.1 IS REQUIRED. The airport WILL NOT work on 10.5 or earlier.

You may download the .ZIP file here. The next step in the release will be to get Terminal E in to basic working order.


KTPA Roadmap

I’ve had a few folks ask when Tampa will be ready. My answer is, probably a few months, as it’s a big field and I’m really trying to do it right. Doing it in all default objects also adds a bit to the complexity, as I try to find new ways to render real-world objects using only the default set. That said, I’d be eager to have folks using it, looking for gaps in what’s completed, etc. So I think I’ll start releasing it in various beta releases, probably along this schedule:

  • All runways, taxiways, and tarmacs aligned to real-world, and basic terminal structures complete.
  • Detailed terminal work, probably one terminal at a time.
  • Correct tarmac taxiway lines (including what is and is not lit)
  • Correct placement of all airport lighting
  • Correct painted tarmac signs (e.g., 19L)
  • Correct placement of additional draped tarmac textures and painted tarmac (lines on the sides of runways, etc.)
  • Private jet center.
  • Maintenance hangars.
  • GA hangars.
  • Detailed tarmac lines, objects, etc., probably one terminal at a time.
  • Updated parking / tower / airport buildings, probably one major area at a time.
  • Roads.
  • Vegetation.
  • Surrounding objects.

KSBD San Bernardino

KSBD San Bernardino

I’ve been very busy and not able to spend a lot of time on the website or in the sim, but one of the projects I did take on was creating X-Plane scenery for KSBD, San Bernardino. KSBD was the original default airport in X-Plane in the old days, it’s a big field, and it’s also a common spot for PilotEdge users (and is in one of the CAT rating flights). Yet, for some reason I can’t quite grasp, there is no default 3D scenery for it on the X-Plane Gateway. So I decided to make some, working on it here and there over the past week or two during conference calls and when I’ve had free moments. I’ve uploaded it to the Gateway, but in the meantime I have posted it to the .Org as well. You may find it here.

I designed the scenery using only default objects in hopes that it becomes part of a future X-Plane release. Given the field’s complexity this really forced me to learn a lot of new tricks in WED, and I really like the results. For some reason X-Plane 10 users were getting an error so I’ve posted two versions. I hope you like it, and that it might prompt some readers to take on some larger fields using WED.

My next project is KVNY Van Nuys, and here are some screen shots of KSBD.

Piper Saratoga_34

Piper Saratoga_5

Piper Saratoga_7

Piper Saratoga_12

Piper Saratoga_13

Piper Saratoga_17

Piper Saratoga_18

Piper Saratoga_15

Piper Saratoga_30

Piper Saratoga_27

Piper Saratoga_24


W.E.D. Scenery Development Ride-Along #2

I took some time to record another airport design in W.E.D, this time Cal Black Memorial in Utah. The audio works well in this one all the way through, and I talk through how to add AI traffic and taxiways as well. Thanks for watching, and get out there and design some scenery!

Point-To-Point: Utah

The Saratoga is now in Dutch John, UT, as we prepare to do some killer fly fishing on the A stretch of the Green River below the Flaming Gorge Dam (at least, virtually). I designed scenery for this that’s been uploaded to the Gateway but it’s not yet approved. So speaking of that scenery, here are links to it and the others I’ve designed over the past few point-to-point flights. All use default objects, so while the layouts are spot-on don’t expect all the hangars etc. to match the real world:

And here is a shot of Dutch John over the ortho scenery.

Piper Saratoga_6a