5 thoughts on “To Heck With The Flight Sim …

  1. Hi bfg

    Looks great but to be honest I still prefer the feel of physical controls ,buttons and switches –
    are you thinking of using the pa28 with virtual ?


  2. For serious ifr flight simming an actual cockpit with knobs and switches is still king. For dogfighting nothing beats VR though. Il2 Battle of Stalingrad with the Rift is a blast. Also have DCS, runs and looks great but there’s a lot more systems to manage and the interface is not the best unless you have a good hotas. There’s also going to be an updated VR version of Rise of Flight at some point.

  3. No reason to not have fun AND use your setup for training and serious work. DCS and IL-2 are a blast in VR.

    My hardware-based, three screen X-Plane 11 cockpit’s days are numbered, though, I feel. It’s clear to me that VR is the future of flight sims, especially once the human-machine interface improves. I love having a physical instrument panel, and 180 degrees of LCD panel displays, but these are no match for the immersion of a VR experience.

    The biggest immersion break currently is needing to use the touch controllers to manipulate the instruments. This is one instance of wanting to be able to use my mouse (something I wouldn’t think of with my hardware-based sim setup) will improve.

    Maybe the much-rumored haptic glove will make this more immersive and intuitive, but right now, pushing, pulling and twisting the touch controller, even WITH a yoke/stick and throttle quadrant, diminishes the experience.

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