Center Pedestal Console Plans (An Early Holiday Gift For You)

Yesterday I was able to build the center pedestal console I’ve been wanting to build for some time, and I thought that today it would be nice to share my plans here as a holiday gift to the cockpit builders who frequent the site, and as a thank you for their readership. So here they are (and this is a preview of what will be in the guide I’m writing). Happy holidays!


Basement_Sim_Schematics_-_SketchUp_Make_2016 4


Photo Dec 22, 5 23 32 PM

Photo Dec 22, 5 50 48 PM

6 thoughts on “Center Pedestal Console Plans (An Early Holiday Gift For You)

    1. Nope. There is a switch on the back that makes PTT live (but not broadcasting) all the time. Then just assign a switch on your yoke to talk to ATC and when you hold that you are talking to PilotEdge, VATSIM, whatever.

  1. What were the thicknesses of the wood you used? I am sorry if you already covered this and I missed it! Thank you for sharing your plans and thank you for your help!

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