A2A Cessna 172, 182 & Piper 180, 250 LVAR Lists

If you’re trying to get your A2A Cessna or Piper to work in Prepar3D with your Saitek gear using SPAD.neXt, then you’re going to need to do some button assignments using LVARs (local variables) rather than the standard simconnect variables. Fortunately, A2A has posted PDFs of these LVARs, which I have linked to here:

2 thoughts on “A2A Cessna 172, 182 & Piper 180, 250 LVAR Lists

  1. I love your videos and the plethora of info and advice you share on your website! I’m an avid sim enthusiast and training for my PPL as well so it’s very enjoyable for me to watch you share you’re experiences.

    I do have a question on some of the panels you have in your cockpit. I run P3D on Windows 10 with mostly Saitek Panels configured via Spad.Next. I’m interested in upgrading to the Desktop Aviator Cessna and Fuel Select panels as well as eventually moving to a Flight Illusion radio stack, similar to yours. Do you know if any or all of these are recognized by Spad.Next?

    I’m far from a programmer and would like to build out a sim with close to real-world gear without having to dive into the world of FSUIPC or Lua scripting. I have a pretty good handle on Spad.next at this point and I’m comfortable with the array of LVars required to keep my A2A aircraft running, which is primarily what I fly. Any help or suggestions you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I can’t recall how I used the DA stuff with P3D – but I don’t remember having any problems. The Flight Illusions stuff talks to P3D via its own plugin that you run on startup – same for XPlane. It works quite well out of the box.

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