ORBX, UTX, & Taburet Night Lighting Comparisons

I took a night flight to try to compare the ORBX Global, UTX, and Taburet night lighting environments. Scenery layering can be a challenge with this, but I believe I successfully started with ORBX, then went to UTX, then went to UTX and Taburet together. Overall I think the best solution of these would be ORBX and Taburet, which I’ll try tonight, and Chris Bell’s Night Environment (which has its own video in my channel) is, to me, the best of them all. I eagerly await his “Black Marble” package. Thanks for watching.

Black Marble

I’m a big fan of Chris Bell’s fantastic Night Environment add-on for P3D, which brings realistic “to the horizon” night lighting environments to the simulator. You can see a video of me flying in his Pennsylvania package here.

So it’s natural that I’m excited about Chris’s latest project, Black Marble, which will bring highly detailed vector-level road lighting to the entire planet. Given that night lighting has always been a weakness for P3D, this could be transformative add-on for the simulator. You can learn more about it here, and here are some recent shots released by Chris. I’ll be downloading this immediately upon availability.

And here’s a before/after comparison …


Night Flying Over Southeast Pennsylvania

A new video, this of a night flight over Southeast Pennsylvania, with an aborted approach at KPHL and a brief stop at Wings Field for a virtual cup of coffee. We finish where we began, at Brandywine Airport.

The lighting is courtesy Night Environment’s Pennsylvania package. It can hit your framerates, but is much better with traffic off (or severely reduced). I’d rather not have traffic than have fewer lights. As you can see, Chris Bell at Night Environment does excellent work.