The GTN 750 Is Finally Working On The Touchscreen

The RealityXP GTN750 is a great X-Plane add in. I loved the Flight1 750 in P3D and was disappointed when I learned that the RXP version would not “pop out” to run on an external touch screen in X-Plane. This was because of a limitation in the X-Plane SDK, and with XP 11.11 it is now fixed. So the 750 returns to the basement sim. I include a brief how-to on removing the 750’s bezel as well. Now if it only showed PilotEdge traffic …

3 thoughts on “The GTN 750 Is Finally Working On The Touchscreen

  1. Hi Basement Fly Guy,
    I have the 750 as well and am trying to get touch to work. It only seems to work when I have the touchscreen as the Primary display, which is not possible as I have 3 main screens for outside views on X-Plane 11. How did you make touch work on other than Primary ?

    Cheers Jeff

  2. Hmmm. I had no problems at all. I activated 750 #1 in the plugin menu, dragged it to my touchscreen (which is monitor #4 in my X-Plane graphic settings) and it worked straight away. Sorry I can’t be more help on this one.

  3. What is the display you’re using for the GTN750? You mention (and I see) Lilliput, but what size/model #? Are the dimensions close to the real 750?

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