Oculus Rift S X-Plane 11.34 First Impressions

Oculus Rift S X-Plane 11.34 First Impressions

First impression? Wow. Big improvement in visuals, at least for me. Colors are better, and in the virtual aircraft I have to work to notice the screen door effect. The difference was immediately apparent. No problem fitting over my glasses. No problem with pupil distance, at least for me. Comfortable. Sound is not as good as the prior version with its headphones (as many have reported) but I use a headset anyway. Blacks are not as dark, but I may need to turn off SPUD as I did with the original Rift. Performance for me was great. Very smooth with OVR set to 45 FPS (which sets to 40 in the Rift S) and ASW set to Auto. With HDR on, textures at max, 2xSSA+FXAA, objects at max, and my auto-LOD tool working I had lots and lots of buildings with 1.5 supersampling. That is no loss of performance for me

, and in fact, it may even be a slight improvement. With no supersampling I could read the G1000 including the airports on the MFD map display

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, and with 1.5 things were even sharper. It was no problem to lean the aircraft to 50 lean of peak using the EGT reading on the MFD. Reading charts and maps in AviTab is significantly improved. Put it this way: I didn’t zoom my view once in my short virtual flight. Ortho scenery looks fantastic. Not having sensors is great — no hand controller blind spots in my cockpit and not a single “wow – it just jumped my view 45 degrees left and three feet back” moments. Your mileage may vary, but for me this is an easy upgrade decision. Very glad I did it.

The Rift S

I caved and ordered a Rift S. It arrives Wednesday. Review to soon follow.

In other news

, instrument training continues and I’m enjoying the SR-20 very much. Took some family up in the 172 yesterday, though, for some sightseeing. It sure is nice up there.

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