How To Have Even Better Night Lighting In X-Plane 11

The night lighting in X-Plane 11 is fantastic. But it can be even better, and a few folks have asked what modification I used to get the even better night lighting in my most recent video. It’s a little file at the .Org called “Better Lights,” and it’s now in V2. It’s simply a text file that replaces your default lights configuration. You may get it here, and be certain to backup your original lights.txt file by renaming it to something origlights.txt before you start. And like most of the stuff in the X-Plane universe, it’s freeware.

Here are some pics from the author.





Simulated Night Pattern Work (X-Plane 11)

A viewer asked that I do more night flights, and as I have nighttime pattern work coming up in my real-world instruction, I took it as an opportunity to simulate it here. I did so at about 11:45 PM, and the flight became a lesson in human factors. As always, thanks for watching,

Point-To-Point: Great Falls to Billings

The point-to-point flights continue with a leg from Great Falls to Billings. This was a fun flight, and it illustrates both the solid default X-Plane 11 textures and the incredible ortho4xp photographic scenery as I did not burn ortho tiles for the entire flight. Also: thoughts on the Airfoil Labs C172, Windows Creators Edition, ForeFlight, and fun with and autopilot we don’t fully understand. As always, thanks for watching.

Reader Sim: David From Scotland

Reader and forum contributor David sent along a few pics of his sim. Looking great! (For others who have also sent pics, I try to post them when I can …)


Point-To-Point: Utah

The Saratoga is now in Dutch John, UT, as we prepare to do some killer fly fishing on the A stretch of the Green River below the Flaming Gorge Dam (at least, virtually). I designed scenery for this that’s been uploaded to the Gateway but it’s not yet approved. So speaking of that scenery, here are links to it and the others I’ve designed over the past few point-to-point flights. All use default objects, so while the layouts are spot-on don’t expect all the hangars etc. to match the real world:

And here is a shot of Dutch John over the ortho scenery.

Piper Saratoga_6a

Point-To-Point Update

The Saratoga is now (virtually) in – of all places! – Saratoga, Wyoming. Time to head into the heart of the Rockies. I have a few videos of the trip in the queue as well, and I also created scenery for the stops in Thermopolis and Saratoga. In the interest of populating the world for future X-Plane releases, I’ve started designing these strips using stock library objects and have been uploading them to the X-Plane Scenery Gateway. But if you can’t wait for them to be approved at the Gateway Thermopolis is here and Saratoga / Shively is here.

Favorites 2

Piper Saratoga_4

A Quick Float Plane Flight In X-Plane 11

I’ve had several viewers request a float plane flight in X-Plane 11. I did several in P3D, and liked it a lot, so here’s one in XP. Nothing serious or realistic about this flight – I even forgot to turn on the avionics. It was fun, including the low approach over the boats, but I do miss the sound of the water against the pontoons that I had in P3D.

xEnviro Weather Transition (And Kalispell To Great Falls In 2:48)

In my last point-to-point video it took about an hour to fly from Kalispell to Great Falls. Here I’ve compressed that video so the flight takes just two minutes and forty-eight seconds. I did this to better illustrated the very natural transition that xEnviro created from overcast with limited visibility to clear skies. Pretty amazing.

The music? It’s just for fun. As always, thanks for watching.

PilotEdge Realism

There’s an interesting thread taking place in the PilotEdge forums. Among the responses this caught my eye:

As an instrument-rated commercial pilot and former CFI, I can tell you that IF you can function with ATC on pilot edge for either VFR and IFR flights, you will be able to function with ATC in the real world. There are NO operational or procedural differences between PE and RW air traffic control … The very first time I flew an IFR flight on PE, I did not consult any PE training documents or watch any videos. I just did it exactly the same way I would do it in the real world, and it worked fine.

That’s a pretty awesome testimonial to what Keith Smith and team have built at PilotEdge.