How To Simulate A Forward Slip Landing

Next in our “how to simulate” series, in which we bring real-world procedures to flight simmers (and which is generally tied to what I’m learning in my real-world flight training). In this video we simulate a forward slip approach to landing. Thanks for watching.

How To Simulate A Short-Field Landing

The final performance take-off/landing procedure in our continuing “How To Simulate” series, which brings real-world procedures to flight simmers. This time: short-field landings. I actually posted this on YouTube last week, but forgot to post it here!

How To Simulate A Soft-Field Landing

The latest in our “How To Simulate” simmer tutorial series, in which we bring real-world procedures to flight simmers. With this episode we continue our series of performance takeoffs and landings with a short-field landing. As always, thanks for watching.

Video: How To Simulate A Short Field Takeoff

The next in our series of videos helping flight simmers bring real-world procedures to their flying. This time we do a short field takeoff. This is the procedure in a Piper Cherokee, but the Cessna procedure is quite close and you can find the rotation speed, Vx, and Vy for the aircraft you’re simulating online. Just search for the “POH,” or Pilot’s Operating Handbook, for the plane you’re simulating. As always, thanks for watching!

New Simmer Tutorial Video Series (And How To Fly A Pattern)

I’ve had requests to make tutorials, so with this video I’m starting a new “Simmer Tutorials” playlist at YouTube that I hope will help simmers bring more real-world procedures to their flight simulation. I know bringing more real-world process to my own simming has been one of the things I’ve enjoyed most as I’ve done my own flight training, and I hope these videos will do the same for other simmers who aren’t actually working toward their Private Pilot ticket.

This first video is about flying a basic traffic pattern, and I hope it’s of interest to simmers looking to make more realistic VFR landings in their sims. Of course, NONE of this should be considered actual flight instruction, and my intention is that these videos are by a simmer, for simmers. With that said, thanks for watching.