6 thoughts on “Updated Basement Sim Video Tour

  1. I think you’re radio stack is really cool. I looked up the going price and my jaw immediately dropped. I’m new to the world of flight simulation and wanted to know what radio instruments are a fair price for someone just starting. Thanks

  2. Saw your note regarding Saitek panels. My radio panel stopped working when I upgraded to P3Dv4. Tech folks tried to help but no joy. They say a plugin might be available down the road but no idea when. So for now mine just sits on top of my yoke doing nothing.

  3. Interesting setup. I am wondering tho. How would this work if you decided to fly an F-18? Or a 747? Just curious you understand. I will admit tho I am a Lic Pilot and have flown many miles with the Cessna mostly the 182. My first PIC flight was in a 150. Looking at your sim I see that you have done a decent job. A friend directed me to this site and so far I have found it informative. I Look forward to reading more here

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