Point-To-Point: Idaho County To Spokane

The latest leg in my point-to-point flying, and this one takes the Saratoga from Idaho County (KGIC) to Spokane (KGEG), the current PilotEdge bonus field. In this hop we try a new camera angle. Let me know what you think.

We also fly over homemade photorealistic scenery (with several interesting decisions to make about clouds and altitudes along the way) and get to contrast the new X-Plane default clouds with experimental HD clouds for xEnviro. Hope you like it and thanks for watching.

1U7 To KWYS Point-To-Point (Full Flight)

This is leg two of my place-to-place flights, 1U7 Bear Lake Co., ID to KWYS West Yellowstone. This is a full flight video with no edits and with PilotEdge flight following along the way. If you’d like the scenery, it’s here: 1U7, KWYS. As always, thanks for watching.

A Quick Hop Around Mt. Spokane

For a family member who lives there. I did some of this flight a few months back in P3D, but with X-Plane 11 and photorealistic scenery of the area decided to make another flight. As always, thanks for watching.

Price To Salt Lake City On PilotEdge

I’ve recently created some homemade orthographic photo scenery for Utah, as well as scenery for KPUC Carbon County, and did this flight to try out both. This one was just for fun, although I did use PilotEdge for flight following along the way and for the approach into the KSLC Bravo airspace. As always, thanks for watching.

Details on the add-ons:

– Default XP11 Cessna 172 (free)
– Home made orthophoto scenery (free)
– Project BetterSky sky textures (free)
– SkyMaxx Pro for the clouds
– Add-on KPUC and KSLC scenery from x-plane.org (free)
– Airport Environment textures (free)
– World2XP America OSM data (free)
– HD Mesh 3 (free)
– US West Real Life OSM/autogen mapping (free)

Should you want my Price scenery, it’s here.

Prepar3D and X-Plane 11: Back To Back Laps At Bonners Ferry

A reader / viewer recently asked if I’d consider doing a comparison flight of the sim in P3D and X-Plane 11, and I was happy to do so. This video is only meant to illustrate the two platforms, both of which are excellent and both of which I enjoy very much, so make of it what you will. In the video we do back-to-back laps of Bonners Ferry (65S), which I picked because it illustrates about the best setup my rig can do.

The P3D setup:

– Prepar3D v 3.4
– ORBX Northern Rockies Region
– ORBX NA Landclass
– ORBX Vector (nearly everything on)
– ORBX HD Trees
– ORBX Global Airports
– A2A Cessna 172

The X-Plane setup:

– X-Plane 11 beta 8
– Photorealistic scenery (freeware, made by me)
– HD Mesh 3 (freeware)
– World2XP North America (freeware)
– 65S Bonners Ferry (freeware, made by yours truly)

The settings in both are maxed out for autogen, although X-Plane has shadows ON and P3D had shadows OFF. Real world weather is OFF because it was raining and snowing in Bonners Ferry (although you see me play with it in the XP flight). Also note that X-Plane does not appear in my cockpit as washed out as it seems here, although it does simlulate the flat light of a high latitude differently that P3D, so it’s not as saturated. The GoPro did its best to get the f-stop right but the dark cabin makes the projection screen a bit over-exposed.

Finally, and perhaps most exciting, I also have an engine out in X-Plane at the end of the flight (!), so that lap ends a bit sooner (I’ll keep you in suspense regarding if I make it back to the strip or not :-).

Thanks again for watching.

Alphabet Challenge: Riverside To San Diego

The latest leg in my Alphabet Challenge flights on PilotEdge: KRAL to KSAN. Based on few viewer requests, this is a full flight with no edits and runs about an hour in length. It’s also over orthophoto scenery, so the view is nice. Pop some popcorn or pour a drink and enjoy the flight.

A wrinkle on this hop: a blown tire on takeoff.

As always, thanks for watching.

Thompson Falls To Bonners Ferry

I had a viewer request to fly from Thompson Falls, MT (KTHM) to Bonners Ferry, ID (65S). So here it is. A fun flight, with changing weather along the way.
The default XP11 airports for both strips were pretty spare, so I designed my own. If you’d like to download them you may find them under the Custom Scenery tab at the top of the page. Weather on this flight by xEnviro, and these are default XP 11 textures with no photo scenery on top of HD Mesh 3. As always, if you want to learn more about the sim, please see http://www.ontheglideslope.net. Thanks for watching.

Cross Country Simulator Practice

In my real-world flight training I have a cross country coming up from KOQN to KMDT and back. A few mornings back I pulled out the charts, flight planner, and E6B flight computer and planned the flight using real-world weather, and then flew it in the sim with only paper charts and my flight log. Here’s the flight, and for simmers looking to learn more about VFR and VOR navigation it should be of some interest as well. As always, thanks for watching.