Cross Country Simulator Practice

In my real-world flight training I have a cross country coming up from KOQN to KMDT and back. A few mornings back I pulled out the charts, flight planner, and E6B flight computer and planned the flight using real-world weather, and then flew it in the sim with only paper charts and my flight log. Here’s the flight, and for simmers looking to learn more about VFR and VOR navigation it should be of some interest as well. As always, thanks for watching.

Westward Ho! The PilotEdge Western Expansion (And Beta Test Flight Video)

The PilotEdge Western Expansion goes LIVE tomorrow, December 27th. It’s going to be a fantastic addition to the service, with a remarkable expansion of the network’s the controlled airspace:


I was fortunate to participate in the beta test of the expansion last week, and here’s a video I made of the flight. It’s a long one: KSLC to Heber to Price To Moab. This is the longest video I’ve uploaded to date, but I wanted to capture the entire flight (with some edits) and the ATC handoffs along the way. Thanks for watching, and if you cater to real-world ATC, PilotEdge is as real as it gets.

Success On The X-Plane Screen Config

At least darn close to it! The trick was to use Planemaker.exe to delete the cockpit objects. I’ll get it just right and then I’ll post a how-to. But I have to say, X-Plane 11 looks astonishingly good to me in the sim. I can’t believe it’s a beta.

How To Simulate A Forward Slip Landing

Next in our “how to simulate” series, in which we bring real-world procedures to flight simmers (and which is generally tied to what I’m learning in my real-world flight training). In this video we simulate a forward slip approach to landing. Thanks for watching.

PilotEdge CAT-06 Rating

Another PE CAT rating, the 06. In this rating we learn how to pick up ATC radar services prior to departure. This video is a bit different than the others in that it’s a night flight, and that I recorded pretty much the entire flight without edits from start to finish. As always, thanks for watching.

The CAT-05 Rating On PilotEdge

Another CAT rating down, this one where you depart a Delta and get pick up radar services en route. I bonk on this one, running out of GoPro juice before arrival, but you’ll get the gist. Also note the nice stormy AS16/ASCA weather along the way. File this one under “flights I’d never make in real life.” Thanks for watching.

Africa! Lagos To Akure

I’ve had several requests for flights in Nigeria, so here one finally is. The original request was a bit long for me to complete in one siting, so here we fly from Lagos to Akure. I REALLY enjoyed this flight – even in the sim the scenery was interesting and unique.

Along the way we also…

  • Get a good look at AS16/ASCA clouds post-Service Pack 1 (which look great, at least to me)
  • Do some treetop flying
  • Get an introduction to the new FlightIllusion avionics and autopilot

This one was fun. I hope you like it, and thanks for watching.

The Basement Sim Tours Bonaire

We check out the Aerosoft Flamingo Airport scenery (which is fantastic), and Basement Fly Kid comes along for the ride. As always, thanks for watching.

FlightIllusion Avionics Unboxing And First Look

I’ve been saving for this and finally pulled the trigger. Here’s a quick look at the Basement Sim’s new avionics from FlightIllusion ( I can’t wait to start flying with them! Thanks for watching.

Video: The Low Countries (Antwerp To Rotterdam)

A viewer request flight for a few viewers who wanted to see the low countries. Here we fly from Antwerp to Rotterdam. A fun flight that I hope you like, and thanks for watching.

– ORBX EuropeLC, Vector
– A2A Cessna 182
– REX Textures and Airports HD