How To Talk ATC

As I’ve been learning my way around PilotEdge I have by necessity been learning my way around the language of Air Traffic Control. One thing I’ve noticed is that sometimes pilots on PE seem to be working hard to sound “official,” whereas what I’ve noticed when listening to the real thing is that real-world pilots (and GA pilots with ATC in particular) are talking an official language but sounding natural (and often, like normal human beings). I’m certain much of that comes with familiarity, and remembering that the controller is, in fact, a person who wants to help you rather than someone waiting for you to screw up.

To that end, here are two resources from the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association on talking with ATC: their new pilot’s guide to ATC communication, and their PDF document, Communicating With ATC: Learn to Talk Like a Pro. Both are worth reading, as I’m sure that the better you get at knowing the official language, the sooner you’re able to manage it in a familiar and human way.

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  1. Hey Mate,

    Meant to ask how your flightillusions audio panel works with pilot edge. I am building my own radios and avionics with ArdSimX, Arduino, and 3D-printed parts. Real audio panels have buttons for listening and transmitting. X-planes virtual audio panel only has working buttons for listening.

    M question is, does you FI audio panel interface and function with pilots edge? Can you use it to control which comm channel you are broadcasting on? I ask as I am unsure if I should make working buttons for broadcasting on my audio panel (com1, com2, 1 and 2) even thought Xplane doesn’t support them in-game. If Pilot edge does, than maybe that is worth doing.

    Cheers, mate!

    1. Hi Frank. They work great. No problems, although I’m not sure if XP recognizes the Ident button on the transponder (and I have another switch assigned to it that I’ve used because the controllers have been too busy to ask if they see the flash). The audio panel from FlightIllusions has both a transmit switch and the monitor buttons, and I believe you can program the transmit switch if the plane in XP permits it. Regardless, the FI audio panel works great. When I switch it to Com1 or Com2 PE sees that as it should.

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