The Long Awaited Basement Sim Schematics

Readers have been asking for my plans since I put the site online, but my early Google SketchUp files were rough and I made some changes during construction, so I haven’t posted them. Today I took the time to get them in order, and here they are. I will put together a more detailed set that includes the basic supplies I used as well, but in the meantime I figure this will help those looking to build their own basement simulators. I’ve been really flattered by the number of simulations enthusiasts who have started building their own based on what they’ve seen here, so if this can help them and others on their journey, I happy to offer it.

First, the lumber (and remember to measure twice, cut once!) …

Cut from 1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ studs:

  • Six 4′ cuts
  • Two 3′ 10″ cuts
  • Four 4′ 8″ cuts
  • Two 3′ 7″ cuts
  • Two 4′ 10″ cuts
  • Two 2′ 1″ cuts
  • Two 1′ cuts
  • Two 2′ 9 1/4″ cuts


Cut from 1 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ studs:

  • Four 10″ cuts
  • Two 11 1/4″ cuts
  • Two 1′ 8 1/2″ cuts
  • Four 2′ 1″ cuts


1 piece 3/4″ x 11′ x 48″ MDF for the panel base

1 piece 1/4″ x 18″ x 46″ MDF for the panel itself

In terms of other supplies, I used long wood screws to connect the frame pieces together, and metal L-brackets to brace the corners (screwed in with 1/2 inch wood screws). Note that I DID NOT attached the panel base to the cockpit frame with screws. It simply sits on top, which makes it easy to adjust and take in and out.

And here are the basic plans: a .JPG here and a .PDF here. The panel template (which is a life-sized C172 panel schematic as a PDF) is here. Note that the panel PDF is 42″ across, and that I cut the template in half so I could make it 46″ wide. I hope it helps, and good luck!

On The Glideslope Basement Sim Schematics JPG

10 thoughts on “The Long Awaited Basement Sim Schematics

  1. Sir, you/we would be better served by using common rather than actual lumber measurements…

    Cut from 1 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ studs: Are actually common 2x4s(two by fours)….I am happy to be corrected.


    1. Thanks, Chas. Given the international readership of OTG I figured I’d give the actuals just in case a 2×4 isn’t always called a 2×4 in, say, the Netherlands or Brazil. But to you and me these are 2x2s and 2x4s …

  2. good day
    once again thank for all your passion
    i have to be honest; not a builder or architect and can not really work out the measurements used in the schematic.
    if not asking too much would it be possible to have lenght measurements converted into cm ? Lenght of sections will do.

    it will make it so much easy for those like me .brought up on metrics measurements only.


    1. Hi Ray. I don’t know when I’ll have time to update the actual drawings, but here are approximations for the lumber:

      Cut from 3.81cm x 3.81cm studs:

      Six 121.92cm cuts
      Two 116.84cm cuts
      Four 142.24cm cuts
      Two 109.22cm cuts
      Two 147.23cm cuts
      Two 63.5cm cuts
      Two 30.48cm cuts
      Two 84.46cm cuts

      Cut from 3.81cm x 8.89cm studs:

      Four 25.4cm cuts
      Two 28.58cm cuts
      Two 52.07cm cuts
      Four 63.5cm cuts

      1 piece 1.91cm x 27.94cm x 121.92cm MDF for the panel base

      1 piece .64cm x 45.72cm x 16.84cm MDF for the panel itself

  3. Good day mate and thanks again for the details. I have been trying to see if you’ve answered this before but not able to find it so – can you tell me why you ended up with a projector over say a 60″ Television or larger please? I am going around in circles and cannot decide 3 x 60″ TV or 3 x benq projectors.
    Many thanks and good luck with your flight lessons


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