Build Your Own GN530

Here’s something interesting: a DIY GN530 kit, from SimWareKits. I watched a few videos Russ Barlow (of Air Manager) shot of this unit while it was under development, and now for $229 plus about another $100 of your own purchases (LCD screen, shipping the design file to a 3D printer, etc.) and a little elbow grease, you can have one in your own home cockpit.


The videos suggest it’s a very lifelike and capable piece of gear. I have someone building a GN430 for me right now or I’d likely pick one up. While I’ve been able to get along OK having my Desktop Aviator rotary encoders tied to the 530 screen on the external touchscreen, having the real-world mechanics would be ideal.

One thought on “Build Your Own GN530

  1. Nice! So is the programming for x-plane available? I have an Emuteq GNS530 and would love to be able to use in my home sim cockpit. Oh, Happy New Year!

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