My Lessons Learned: Simulator

Photo Mar 12, 6 12 00 PM

A brief summary of the lessons I’ve learned through my flight sim experience …

  1. You can learn an awful lot from the people who have come before you, like Tom Tsui, SimSamurai, and the thousands of people at AVSIM.
  2. USB power matters. Make sure there’s 500ma for each thing plugged into one or your devices won’t work well. USB power management also matters. Turn it off in the PC device settings for each USB hub or your devices won’t work well.
  3. Every once in a while it’s a good thing to just delete everything and start with a fresh install.
  4. When you update your BIOS, expect stuff to be screwed up.
  5. Frequent Windows 10 updates are great, but they can bonk your drivers.
  6. Trying new things is great, and wanting simulation realism is great, but expect real-world stuff to require real-world study.
  7. When you put that study time in, you can learn and do some pretty cool things.