REX Sky Force 3D Release Appears Imminent

This AVSIM post points to this REX Facebook page that posts to this manual for the long-awaited Sky Force 3D weather and environment engine from REX Simulations, all of which suggests that its release is just around the corner. I was a big fan of REX when I used P3D, and reading through the manual I believe this is going to make me jealous of FSX / Prepar3D weather for some time. Of course, REX has hinted that Sky Force would come for X-Plane as well, and I very much hope it will, one day.


That looks good, yes? If you like that, watch this.

4 thoughts on “REX Sky Force 3D Release Appears Imminent

  1. Wow that video is stunning. I have been going back and forth on whether to get xEnviro or SkyMaxx Pro. I think I’m going to wait and see if this does come out for x-plane. Thanks for good news.

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