I Took The Plunge

This is my Christmas present to myself. Now that X-Plane 11 has native VR support I figure it’s time to see what virtual reality in the sim is all about. I should have it up and running the afternoon of January 1st and will report back then. This video suggests it’s going to be a pretty interesting experience.

Update: It’s been delivered! Unfortunately, I’m out of town for another two days!


3 thoughts on “I Took The Plunge

  1. You Will like IT im running my Rift since a year now with Flyinside waa great si immersive and now with the native X-Plane VR 11.20 its great. Have fun and happy holldays.

  2. It is fun. LR has done a good job. Flying with wrist motions is easy and for me, smoother than with the Saitek yoke (well, that may not be saying much). Trim is easy … you reposition your wrist slightly. In fact, reaching for the trim wheel is likely to move your yoke wrist causing unwanted pitch and/or roll! Rotating knobs is really easy and heading bug, say, moves really quickly and precisely.

    You do need some room and in my case, the space I have for my x-plane computer and cockpit takes up a lot of the available floor space. As a result, I needed to put the sensors on a board on the glareshield and position my chair about 5 feet from the sensors. So I can’t use any of the cockpit hardware. I want the footpedals so they have to be moved and moved back when I’m done with VR. If you are flying from a simple desk setup, then you can probably mount the sensors far enough away and so use a hardware yoke, as shown in the mentioned video. But hardware casts “shadows” for the sensors and then there are cockpit switches you can’t reach, as he mentioned. Oh well, all of this is new and it’s bound to get better.

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