It’s Been A While …

… since my last post, so here is a brief update.

All is well. Just busy. Real-world instruction is coming to its final phases. I’m scheduled for my second solo cross-country this Thursday, and have two night flights set for next week. If the weather cooperates this will fulfill all remaining requirements for my check ride. So let’s hope for clear skies and reasonable winds. If things go that way, I’ll probably do two check ride prep flights and if I’m lucky schedule my check ride before the end of May. Keep your fingers crossed!

Sim time has been spent trying to fly on the PilotEdge network and follow real-world procedures, trying to keep things as realistic as possible with the check ride on the horizon. I’ve also been preferring VR to the physical cockpit as it’s just a more realistic experience for me. In doing so I’ve been flying the Mooney Ovation from point to point using real-world weather, starting in Half Moon Bay and making my way to Wendover, NV so far. Here’s a stream of the latest flight. I think I’ll go on to Salt Lake City from there and you are always welcome to join in.

6 thoughts on “It’s Been A While …

  1. Good to see your post. It certainly looks like you are getting close. One word of advice: prepare for engine out at the most inopportune moment. That’s what my examiner did to me. We were over northern NJ, densely populated. There were not many choices.

  2. Great, I wish I could use VR, but it was so hard for me to read the text,
    When the Pimax 4K comes out, things might be different, untill then back to cockpit building,
    No Cessna though for me, set my mind to the Baron 58, also REP available, and a bit faster and sevice ceiling a bit heigher.

  3. Good to hear from you. Been a while. Congrats on your RW aviation!
    Did you go to Fun-n-Sun? I figured that’s why we haven’t heard from you. 🙂


  4. Great to hear from you
    All the best for your check ride ,I did my skills test (as they call it in the UK and passed last week ,it’s a great feeling mate

    Clear skies

    Dave from Scotland

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