Mooney Ovation Point To Point

Mooney Ovation Point To Point

A while back I was flying a Piper Saratoga from place to place in X-Plane. I gave that up some time ago, but recently have started a similar process in the Alabeo Mooney Ovation. Starting in Half Moon Bay the aircraft is now in Goodland, Kansas, and in each flight I have flown under real-world weather conditions. I was thinking of flying it all the way to the east coast of the US, and then perhaps on to Europe, but I really do prefer being in the Pilot Edge service area so I can practice my ATC skills. Goodland is near the far eastern edge of the PE map, so I’ll probably head south next.

Here’s the current map. I’ve also been live streaming most of these flights on YouTube, and you can find them here. It’s been an interesting experience, especially with me trying to follow real-world procedures and decision making throughout. I also found an Ovation operating handbook online, so I’ve also been following its procedures for managing a complex aircraft. That, too, has been very worthwhile (and thanks to the YouTube viewers who have helped me learn the proper way to lean the mixture for takeoff during the run-up).


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  1. I have been doing something similar and I really enjoy it. I started in March and will finish (maybe today!) in Amarillo. Like you, I prefer to stay in the PilotEdge world. So I constructed a great Western Loop, KAMA 93
    *KTCC 148
    *KABQ 129
    *KFMN 195
    *KGCN 151
    *KPHX 139
    *KNYL 134
    *KSAN 106. Tec Route
    *KBUR 129
    *KSBP 100
    *KMRY 117
    *KSAC 100
    *KRNO 131
    *KRDD 125
    *KMFR 87
    *KOTH 62
    *KEUG 92
    *KPDX 84
    *KOLM 90
    *KYKM 62
    *KPSC 104
    *KGEG 146
    *KMSO 84
    *KGPI 138 suggestion, VFR tour of Glacier park and land at Benchmark 3U7
    *KHLN 151
    *KBIL 162
    *KJAC 155
    *KSUN 84
    *KBOI 199
    *KSLC 178
    *KGJT 81
    *KDEN 109
    *KCOS 146
    KAXX 189 (non towered angel fire)

    I break from the loop at KAPA (Denver Centennial) and fly what I’m calling the Rocky Mountain High (or 9 out of the 10 highest elevation public airports in the US). Bold method has an article on it here:

    I had so much fun doing this, and learned a lot, and I’m going to do it again, this time as a spiral that hits almost every airport in the Western Expansion.

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