15 thoughts on “Success!

  1. My daughter lives 2 or 3 miles west and just a little south of kspg. While I was visiting her Sunday I was out on her front porch at different times throughout the day I saw several small planes flying westbound and gaining altitude. One of those planes was probably you I saw. Cool beans! I see from your other post that you had a successful cross-country flight. Congrats!

    1. ok lol I got this post and the Sunday flight through the Bravo airspace post backwards. this post was supposed to be about THAT ONE lol. Oooops!

          1. I think that it would be helpful for announcing streams, people in need of assistance with their flight sim, and aviation chat.

  2. Sorry to keep asking questions, but is there a stream schedule or is it just on the fly? How far in advance do you let us know if the latter is true?

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