Maneuvers Practice (Real World, Full Flight)

I ran the camera during yesterday’s flight. I’ve simulated these maneuver hops several times in the sim, and from a procedure standpoint it’s been helpful. The hardest thing to simulate, at least for me, has been turns around a point. The visibility in the sim just isn’t as good as the real thing.

5 thoughts on “Maneuvers Practice (Real World, Full Flight)

  1. Great job…I would be curious on your comments what the biggest difference are for you when flying the sim vs. the real world. I too started with the sim many years ago and found that “training” helped with confidence and understanding. I know it saved hours and $$.

    1. Feel is the biggest difference. But the sim has been very helpful for procedures, flight planning and navigation, instrument scan, simulated instrument flight, and timing (for the pattern, etc.). And with good flight models, flying by the performance numbers.

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