Prepar3D v4

It’s coming, officially, in one week. If you’ve not seen Jordan King’s”first look” video, you should watch it. I’ve posted it below. I’ve had very high hopes for a 64-bit Prepar3D, in particular that it would involve a solid code re-write more so than the addition of memory access that would get rid of sim crashes for VAS issues. But honestly, watching this video, my hopes have lowered. While I’m sure it has many improvements and optimizations, it looks awfully cartoonish to me now that I’m accustomed to X-Plane 11’s visuals. And according to Jordan, the flight models are unchanged from v3, which in my mind is not a good thing. Aircraft feel much more lively and real to me with X-Planes airfoils. Certainly P3D v4 will undergo several years of continuing development. I will hope that it becomes something great, and that between it, X-Plane, and other sims we hobbyists and pilots enjoy the benefits of technical (and price) competition. But I have to say that on first blush v4 looks too much like the v4 I left, but without VAS issues (which were not the reason I left in the first place). I’ll will eagerly await the reports on May 30th, as I suspect will many of you.

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  1. I like you ,will not be rushing out to get this sim, to my eyes it is still a glorified FSX and to be honest I see no difference to DTGs scenery package which is Orbx Global if I remember right.
    I think both sim’s have a long, long way to go yet to convince me to change from P3dv3 XP 10 and 11 and at 70 I dread to think how much I’ve spent on Scenery packages add on aircraft and Weather packages and I started with FS5, so I will sit on the fence and wait

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