W.E.D. Scenery Development Ride-Along #2

I took some time to record another airport design in W.E.D, this time Cal Black Memorial in Utah. The audio works well in this one all the way through, and I talk through how to add AI traffic and taxiways as well. Thanks for watching, and get out there and design some scenery!

4 thoughts on “W.E.D. Scenery Development Ride-Along #2

  1. You have inspired me to create a xplane airport! I’m working on St. Thomas Municipal Airport(CYQS). It was a little overwhelming at first but once you learn the tools it’s not bad. Now I just have to learn not to be to much of perfectionist 🙂 Thanks for creating the video!

  2. So after having watched this video, I jumped into KRNC, repositioned the runway, moved the taxiway (it was on the wrong side of the runway!) and did a handful of other little things. Then I say, “Why stop there?” So, I’ve learned how to model objects in SketchUp, create tiles from photos and aerial maps (there’s a very specific format for that) and have inserted my first few custom hangars and a little volunteer fire station, in X-Plane. Quite the rabbit hole I’ve fallen down. Lol!

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