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  1. Beautiful sim I to am making a 150 sim from a fuselage, and will post pictures as i build it. I would be very grateful if you posted more pictures for us to enjoy and learn from.

  2. Beautiful sim I to am making a 150 sim with scrap fuselage etc. Please post more pictures so that we can enjoy and learn from them.

    Thank You,
    Joseph Galli

  3. Hi folks
    Many thanks for all your kind words ,
    I’ll post through some more pictures of the 152 sim .
    I had built a 737 sim over about 5 years and decided to sell that one and try and option a Cessna fuselage .
    I acquired my Cessna G-BKTV from scone in perth Scotland .
    I cut the tail and wheels off and managed to get the cockpit in an 8 feet by 8 feet shed .
    I’m using the airmanager gauges on to 2 monitors on the left panel ,it was time consuming trying to work out the sizes I needed as the left yoke runs in between but I located 2 on eBay which did the job .
    The audio panel was made by a good friend of mine in the U.K. and believe it or not it was made from a photo I sent him ,the same applied to the garmin gps ,the comm1/nav1 radio is from emuteq ,I’m also fitting a transponder that John made big haven’t got round to that yet .
    I use fsx steam for the outside view through a Beamer and will be using 2 x 32 inch monitors / TVs for the sides

  4. Hi
    It’s dave from Scotland with the Cessna 152 sim .
    I can’t seem to post pictures but if you go to mycockpit.org and look under general aviation and you’ll see my real Cessna airframe made into a sim
    Best regards

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