Point-To-Point: Great Falls to Billings

The point-to-point flights continue with a leg from Great Falls to Billings. This was a fun flight, and it illustrates both the solid default X-Plane 11 textures and the incredible ortho4xp photographic scenery as I did not burn ortho tiles for the entire flight. Also: thoughts on the Airfoil Labs C172, Windows Creators Edition, ForeFlight, and fun with and autopilot we don’t fully understand. As always, thanks for watching.

4 thoughts on “Point-To-Point: Great Falls to Billings

  1. Great video. Thanks for posting. Regarding the Autopilot, it has done the same thing to me when engaging the altitude. (Using Saitek) Still can’t figure it out to this day. If you get it to work it would be great to post and explain how.

  2. Just wondering, your thought on the Air Foil C172. Do you recommend it over the default 172 and how do the frame rates compare?
    Thanks, Howard

  3. I know you posted previously where you bought the adapter to hold the IPAD but after search for a wile didn’t find it. can you tell us again? Also will foreflight basic $99 good to start or do you strongly recommend the full subsc.? What you think makes the $$ to go for full?

  4. I’m catching up on your videos after an extended distraction. As always this point to point was both very enjoyable and instructional. I find these flights almost as immersive as you must do, altogether thoroughly enjoyable. Many thanks BFG

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