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    1. Yep. And I found a Windows trick to output to both the speakers and headsets at the same time, so when I make vids I can hear the sim and my voice in the headsets, but have the Buttkicker rumbling with the speakers turned all the way down. Works fine.

        1. Another reader / viewer has that card and says it’s fantastic, in part because it actually runs off sim events that would cause a shake rather than just low frequency sound output. I’ve had my eye on it as well. Let me know what you think of it.

  1. Hi there,

    Great set-up and videos, inspiring! May I ask if the ButtKicker is going to stay? I have one too but found it really overpowering, but was only using headphones and probably didn’t spend enough time tuning it. Would be pleased to get your opinions on it over the coming weeks/videos.


    James from Jersey in the Channel Islands

    1. Hi James. Thanks for watching and reading. Yes, I think it will. I have it turned down quite a bit, and have the high pass filter on as well, and on my last flight it was just about right. I could even feel it when the gear locked up. It was very cool.

  2. If some of y’all are not aware of it, OpusFSI has directly supported Buttkicker internally, as a feature for almost two years… not only does it provide environmentally generated Buttkicker support, it provides comprehensive cameras, with integrated TrackIR, for Camera Dynamic Head Movement (DHM), and Camera Automatic Head Movement (AHM) as well….oh and did I mention a killer weather generator that rivals ASN as well .



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