Reader Sim: Christian From Germany

I love seeing the simulators that readers are building, and here’s another, this from Christian in Germany. I love the color stripes on the outside, the glare shield, and the platform on which it sits – that’s a great idea for adding a rumbler to the audio package and it’s a modification I’m thinking of making myself. Christian writes:

I like the idea to get the small GA Sims togehter and here are some pictures of my building progress. I building my Cockpit since last year September. I like to get a Sim with changeable MIP and the first MIP is bound to a beech baron. I am not inspired by your project but I took the idea of the beamer / TV system. I hope to get the thing in the virtual sky but not fully finished by Dezember. I spent up to this point 1200€ without beamer, TV and main computer. I will buy a computer for P3d in Dezember and I hink I will have a network of 3 PC. My gauge were driven by Airmanager (Siminnovations) and  I use Mobiflight to get input/output running via arduino cards.

kind regards and are the picture convient for you so you are free to upload them

Thank you, Christian, and continued good luck with your project.





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  1. Looks terrific!

    I look forward to seeing his progress unfortunately I would never be able to add this sophistication to my home because of the W AF …therefore I am limited to this [img][/img]


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