Video: The Low Countries (Antwerp To Rotterdam)

A viewer request flight for a few viewers who wanted to see the low countries. Here we fly from Antwerp to Rotterdam. A fun flight that I hope you like, and thanks for watching.

– ORBX EuropeLC, Vector
– A2A Cessna 182
– REX Textures and Airports HD

4 thoughts on “Video: The Low Countries (Antwerp To Rotterdam)

  1. Don’t know if this comment ends up at the right video, but thanks for todays flight from Antwerp (Belgium) to Rotterdam (The Netherlands).

    One of the quirks of FS is that ATC always sends you to the base that is on your side of the approach instead of the correct right of left hand base. Same happened here at Rotterdam where VFR traffic is supposed to use VFR approaches (probably the Romeo approach). Don’t know if these are to be found on your GTN 750 GPS. The VFR circuit is on the West side of the airport. For Rwy 06 coming from the direction you did, one has to cross mid field and join the down wind leg at 1000 ft AMSL with a left turn.

    But it was fun to watch, nice you metioned me and good to know you enjoyed the BK.

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