Goodbye, Beamer

Since I built the simulator (nearly five years ago) I’ve used a 100-inch projection screen and an ultra-short-throw 1080p LCD projector for the front display. I went with the beamer because at the time LCD / LED flat panel TVs large enough to provide a full field of view for both the left and right seats were many thousands of dollars. While the ultra-short-throw projector wasn’t inexpensive, it did the job and fit in the space in which the simulator sits.

A lot has changed in the past four years

, though, including the quality of X-Plane (and now FS 2020) images and the price of flat panel displays. I have increasingly been less than pleased with the “screen-door” effect of the projector (being able to easily see individual pixels) and was longing for an image as crisp as those on the side window displays. Last week I finally saw a 75-inch flat panel TV at a price point I was willing to accept. It arrived two days ago , and yesterday I was able to mount it on the wall of the simulator room. I’m happy to say it works great, and my 1080ti GPU has enough headroom that I’m able to run the front display in 4K with no significant performance impact compared to before (the side TVs are 1080p). It’s like a brand new simulator, and I could not be happier.

For those interested in the technical details, I picked a 75-inch display because I want to be able to see only the sim image and not the borders of the TV from both the left and right seats. The screen sits about six inches from the front of the cabin, and tilts slightly forward. It works, but a 70-inch display would be too small for my setup. For my cabin 75 inches is the smallest I’d go.

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10 thoughts on “Goodbye, Beamer

  1. Totally agree with that move! I switched my sim over from an ultrashort throw to a flat-screen and have never been happier. The brightness and color now match my side panels perfectly!

  2. How you can see the side view I see that the right and left monitors runaway it’s on xplane right, ??
    Because msfs2020 do not support 3 monitors.

  3. Posted to “A”, on The glideslope author and creator.

    I’m concerned…are you ok? Searching through the internet’s, for Microsoft flight simulator 2020 information, I said to myself, “I wonder what my buddy over at “On The glideslope”’s take on this new meme of a simulation product is”.

    Sorry it took me until now to discover your absence-you haven’t posted in five months and I’ve missed your contributions to simviation.

    I have admired your scenery work in X-Plane, and I know that there are ways of creating your own scenery in MSFS2020, but the instructions in the SDK are let’s put it this way…barely there.

    Would you be interested in collaborating with me to come up with one of your airports, your terrific Albert Whitted, and Tampa WED endeavors and my meager WED Gateway contribution, 1A6. Included would be my home Ortho4XP 036-048 tile containing ZL 19 for all the airports, Barbourville, my WED created fictitious home Airport-K69, my Gmax (farmhouse, barn,RV,shed,Dewitt Baptist Church,and BarbourviIIe, KY’s “L-shaped” Parkway Plaza-Walmart shopping center{I say “L shaped” because that’s what it is…a Walmart anchoring one keg of the “L”, and a Dollar Store at the other – as opposed to some big-ass shopping mall… Which would be a huge endeavor} and surrounding scenery?

    We would attempt to convert our respective sceneries,into the new Microsoft flight simulator 2020 scenery. I believe, ModelConverterX can be instrumental in this effort. I know other people have done it… So I know it seems do-able with Gmax .BGL/.MDL files, but I have yet to see a converter for X-Plane11.

    I don’t know if a WED2MSFS2020 is even an option, if it even exists,and I certainly don’t know whether I’m capable, in my dotage, of accomplishing my goal alone. My idea is simple. Duplicate your terrific WED tutorials, into(s) How-To accomplish the FSX/X-Plane 11 WED conversion into viable MSFS scenery. I will be happy to do the voice overs, editing, and what ever research and design work you suggest.

    If successful, it would be a wonderful boon to scenery developers old and new…a very worthy project. If a bust, then at the very least, we would have learned a great deal In the process of… Processing our failures… Perhaps inspiring some more worthy and talented creators to succeed where we could not.



    You know where to find me.

    Sending protective and healing vibes to you, your loved ones and your viewer/readers. I’m hoping that this is just a silly missive from a dotty old man and everything‘s just ducky with you.


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