The News

So I’ve mentioned a few times that things have been quite busy around here. Too busy to work on the book and too busy to do much posting or sim flying. The reason is that next week the Glideslope household moves from the Philadelphia area to the Tampa area. So expect a change of scenery in real-world flight posts, and know that I’m looking forward to learning a whole new area and airspace. It’s not quite certain where I will complete my training. My CFI here just got a job flying jets (which is great news), so I need to change instructors regardless. My work will keep me coming to Philadelphia often enough that I could theoretically take the final cross-countries and check-ride prep here, but my gut tells me that will probably happen in Tampa and that I will probably fly out of Albert Whitted.

More important for purposes of the blog is the sim. I built it expecting to take it apart one day, and while it’s not a short job, it shouldn’t be too complicated. Tomorrow is sim deconstruction day, and I’ll take pictures. Mrs. Glideslope has been good enough to grant the sim space in our new home. It’s probably going to be a large closet, but that’s the advantage of such a small cabin (and this might also be the time where I abandon the projector in favor of a 70-inch front screen, if I can manage one).

So that’s the latest, and as always, thanks for sticking with the blog while posting has been light.

Quite Busy

There’s a lot happening in the Glideslope household, so posting is light. But I have been fortunate to stay with my practice, including today. Thanks for your patience in the meantime. 

Coming Soon (Or Sometime): KVNY

After building and submitting KSBD to the X-Plane Scenery Gateway, I’m now working off and on to fill another hole in the X-Plane default SoCal scenery map: KVNY Van Nuys. As with San Bernardino, I’m using only default objects in making this scenery in hopes that it will become part of future X-Plane releases. In terms of buildings, taxiways, and clutter this is a much more complicated field that KSBD. I’m chipping away at it, but it will probably be several weeks before it’s done.

Here are some preview shots. As always, you may click them to see them in a larger size.