The X-Plane 11.50 Beta

I could not resist, so today I backed up my 11.41 install and upgraded to the Vulkan beta. It took a bit to get things working — had to update the XP files a few times to overwrite some of the custom textures I was using as part of my Ortho installs — but after having just done a brief flight my initial report is:

Total game change. With my 1080ti and now-dated quad-core i7 I’m getting 20-25 FPS sitting on the ramp at Oxnard with Ortho, max objects, max reflections, HDR, 4x antialiasing+FXXA, clouds, max textures, draw airplanes, and shadows on. If I go down to 2xAA those numbers go up to 30 FPS. But as soon as I’m off the ground, they go up to 50 or so. Objects as far as the eye can see. Better, though, is the smoothness of the sim. As others on the .ORG have reported, even at 20 FPS the sim is extremely smooth with no stutters that I can see. In 11.41 I would expect to run with no shadows, 2xAA, one notch low on objects, and no reflections and be at right around 20-30 FPS.

One bug I have that’s already been reported has to do with my multiple screens. I have disconnected my GPS screens for now, and the problem resolved itself.

Next step will be to try VR, and to turn on hyper threading not he CPU and see how the sim does with eight virtual cores rather than four physical. But so far, this is a remarkable improvement that I can only assume will improve. Well done Laminar team.

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  1. Nice to hear from you. Thanks for being in the Vanguard on 11.50. Personally I’m waiting because the IT Admin in me tells me to wait until the bugs are out. I’ve had problems with Win 10 and X-Plane upgrades that took a while to fix. It is frustrating to spend a few hours fixing something when you normally only use it 1-2 hours per day. I am curious to see how VR works. That’s where I’ve run into trouble before. Good luck!

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