The Wonderful Site That Is FSX Times

One of the first blogs I came across when I was planning the basement simulator was Tom Tsui’s FSX Times. Tom’s in Asia from what I can tell, and has been publishing his site since August, 2010. As he said in his first post, “This is the place where I post all my tweaks, tips, notes and information regarding all aspects of FSX.” He now uses Prepar3d rather than FSX, and his site has become all of that, and much more. I literally am attempting to read all 339 posts.

It’s a treasure trove of hints, advice, hacks and the ongoing journey that is managing a relatively complex simulator. Along the way Tom has also gotten into the hobby (and now business) of creating his own Saitek FIP gauges. I’ve got the standalone Cessna 172 pack running on my FIPs and they’re great – a real upgrade from the default Saitek instruments.  They all look super, but my favorite is the wet compass, which I have running on an FIP mounted on the ceiling by the annunciator:


Tom’s blog has been invaluable. He’s also extremely responsive, and an active participant in the dialogue that happens there via his comments stream. He also seems quite nice. So thanks, Tom, for all you’ve done for at least this virtual flyer, and please keep the posts coming.

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