Good News & An Update

I’m happy to say that last week I passed my instrument rating check ride. I’m looking forward to flying in the system and building my proficiency with this new skill set. Thanks for all the encouragement along the way.

I also replaced the RAM in the sim yesterday, pulling the two 8 gig strips that shipped with the machine and replacing them with four 16 gig strips. This means the sim now has 64 gig RAM on board, and while it initially messed up my overclocking settings, with some tweaking the sim is running stable. While I have not noticed a frame rate improvement (nor did I expect to), the sim is now very smooth with little to no stutters.

5 thoughts on “Good News & An Update

  1. Hello Basement Fly Guy!
    Congratulations on achieving your IFR rating! I had no doubt you’d get there. Thanks also for letting us follow your journey from the beginning and sharing your sim adventures. Seeing your sim adventures also brought the passion back after years of being away from flying. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll get inspired to get current again…

    Have you considered applying for your sim to get FAA approved so you can log hours to help you maintain your 6/6/&6?

    Happy flying, and always fly safe!

    1. Hi Peter. Thanks for the kind message. I’ve looked into it, but it’s a major administrative hassle to get approved, and once approved, the FAA needs to approve any changes to the sim or the software. Given that I’m always upgrading, it’s a no-go for me. But I can still use it to exercise the flying brain between real-world hops.

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