GPB500’s Fantastic Airports For X-Plane

One of the excellent scenery designers in the X-Plane world is GPB. He has a number of freeware airports available on the .ORG, and they’re all worth getting. He also, though, produces a larger set of payware airports for X-Plane, which he sells as a one-time subscription service. Last I checked it was $75US for the entire set, which includes these fields (along with frequent updates and new fields from time to time):

  • 49X Chemehuevi Valley
  • F70 French Valley
  • KBLH Blythe
  • KBUR Burbank
  • KBWG Bowling Green
  • KCMA Camarillo
  • KIZA Santa Ynez
  • KJAC Jackson Hole
  • KSAC Sacramento Exec.
  • KSNA John Wayne
  • KTRM Thermal
  • L45 Bakersfield
  • L52 Ocecano
  • KBNG Banning
  • KNUQ Moffett
  • KPSP Palm Springs
  • KSBA Santa Barbara
  • KSBP San Luis Obispo
  • KTNP Twenty Nine Palms
  • KUDD Bermuda Dunes
  • L70 Aqua Dulce
  • L88 New Cuyama

His work is excellent, and at a few bucks a field, the package is a bargain (and, at least to me, essential if you fly on PilotEdge). GPB500 doesn’t have a website, but you may contact him at gpb500-x at yahoo dot com and he’ll give you instructions for payment and get you on the distribution list. If you’re interested in the quality of the work, see some screen shots of his KBUR Burbank below. It’s excellent.






5 thoughts on “GPB500’s Fantastic Airports For X-Plane

  1. Hi BFG!

    I contacted him yesterday actually. The price has increased to 75 USD justified by a higher amount of airports included in the package. I ll definitely buy it tho. +20 airports for such quality is a cheap and more than a resonnable price indeed.


  2. Can you give me a hint on how to find these airports, ev erything I try when I search for his airports comes up not found…I do not understand that….

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