Free From Orbx: L52 For X-Plane

Free From Orbx: L52 For X-Plane

PilotEdge fliers have a soft spot in their hearts for L52 Oceano, which is were PilotEdge suggests you make your first flight on the network. I still fly the KSBP / L52 / KSBP milk run quite often — it almost always has traffic, Oceano is a cool little field, and it’s great to hear people new to the network feeling their way on the radios.

So I was excited today to learn that Orbx, who has only recently begun bringing their impressive scenery design skills to X-Plane

, has released L52 — and better yet, it’s free. You may get it here, as I plan to do later tonight or tomorrow.

One thought on “Free From Orbx: L52 For X-Plane

  1. Hi BFG!

    That-s me TIPAH or Taxi or whoever!
    Just minor comment:
    Actually this L52 is not from Orbx. Historically it has been released a long time ago by September 2017 (

    The author is Antwob and if I m not mistaken, has been hired recently by Orbx. It is the same guy who did ENHA and ENOV sceneries which are freeware foundable on the xplane forum and are all payware quality. He is a real talented guys and I m glad he is part of the Orbx team now to bring his knowledge to our XP community.

    Happy flying!

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