RealSimGear GNS 530 Unboxing

Jarrod of RealSimGear was very kind in sending me a beta unit of the new GNS 530 he is offering. Unlike other GPS 3D-printed build-your-own kits

, the RealSimGear unit is complete and ready to plug into your X-Plane sim. Here’s the unboxing, and I’ll have a full video review up as soon as I’ve got it in the sim and have given it a few flights. Already this morning I’ve plugged in and configured the unit. I can tell you that this unit running the RealityXP GNS 530 plugin is JUST LIKE the real thing. I’m mounting it in the panel now and a full review will follow, and I hope to use the unit during the PilotEdge flight later today.

6 thoughts on “RealSimGear GNS 530 Unboxing

  1. Do you use this with VR at all?
    Was thinking it would be ok since you have the tactile feedback of the buttons and dials (as long as you know where it is in your physical space).
    Then you can see the screen within VR but not have to use the fiddly dials with the Oculus touch controller.

    You think it would be more appropriate for VR use over a touch screen/iPad emulating say the GTN750?

  2. Hello,(sorry for my English)

    Sorry, it’s a bit out of the question, but …

    I have a question: is the number of fps dropping drastically when moving the G530 screen from the X-Plane main screen to theRealSimGear GNS530 screen?

    I am currently using Air Manager, mainly to have the G-530 on a touch tablet.
    The Air Manager overlay runs smoothly, but when I drag the map from XP11 to G530, the number of fps drops by 15-18.
    Is the RealSimGear device with this problem ???

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