March PE Event – And the RealSimGear GNS 530 In Action

I just wrapped up the stream of my GEG-BFI flight during this month’s PilotEdge event. There were more than 60 pilots converging on the Seattle area, and it was great. Most impressive to me was the shakedown flight for the RealSimGear GNS 530. All I can say is, WOW. This is a GREAT piece of gear

, and with the RealityXP GNS 530 plugin running on it it’s just like having a full-fledged 530 in your cockpit. I mounted mine in the panel, but it’s built to also sit on a desk if you fly without a full cockpit. I shot a short review video and will post a full video soon, but all I can say is that given the price of so many (ahem … Saitek / Logitech) avionics, this unit is worth every last cent.

4 thoughts on “March PE Event – And the RealSimGear GNS 530 In Action

  1. I flew this event too, and it was so much fun (in VR). All went well until it was approach time. There’s some kind of bug in the Laminar G1000 implementation and when I was assigned the ILS for the approach, I could tell after vectoring that the CDI was about 90 degrees off. So I flew it visually, as I was fortunately just out of the clouds in could orient myself to BFI for a visual approach. Kind of crazy. I think a HW interface like this would be great, although I’d prefer a G1000 as I’ve spent a lot of time learning it, and I have confidence Laminar will eventually work out the bugs. But the 530 seems very cool, too. Did you enjoy the event?

  2. I think this unit would be useful also in VR, either peeking below the visor or just by feel of the knobs and buttons. I’d be interested in your thoughts on t his.

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