Sim Goes Boom

Twice now, on attempted routes from KSAN to the LAX area, my sim has crashed without warning. Two days ago it was in VR about the time I passed the Oceanside VOR, and today it was in the physical cockpit about the time I was to reach the Oceanside VOR. The logs were uninformative. The first crash was to desktop, today was to the Win 10 Blue Screen.

This is very unusual behavior and it’s frustrating given how rock-solid stable X-Plane typically is for me. I have noticed, though, that three of the four long flights I’ve tried in the Just Flight Turbo Arrow have not ended well. Perhaps there’s a memory leak with the aircraft? I’ll have to keep trying to see what I can learn, but I hope for much greater stability going forward.

UPDATE: Looking at the Windows events file it looks like the crashes happened as Oculus server kept trying to call home (even though VR was not enabled it seems XP booted Oculus server on loading). The Oculus software was bricked over the past two days. I downloaded the fix and all seems fine now.

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  1. Not sure if this would account for what you have been seeing. I have no direct experience, as I’m using Steam VR via Windows Mixed Reality.

  2. Happened to me too, I deleted the preferences restarted XP & never experienced it again ….. however, I would not be surprised if it will happen again, XP VR still in Beta Phase, & IMHO XP11 still require some Developer performance tweaking as well

  3. I work for a small firm that builds computers for simmers and we specialize in X-Plane. We burn in the computers before shipment and we also run X-Plane for several hours in Plane Flies Itself mode. The other day we were asked to preload a B1900 from Carenado. So we burnt it in using that plane. About an hour in – boom, blue screened. We reverted to a default plane and no problems. Our conclusion was that sometimes third party planes may not play well with X-Plane 11. But even the Windows log was of no use and the X-Plane log did not get written.

  4. I’ve also had similar issues lately. I tracked mine down to 3rd party scenery causing memory issues/crashes. Then had some issues with multiple screens connected.

    After many hours of removing scenery removing all preferences and disconnecting monitors and USB devices I still had crashes. The ultimate fix was to rinstall a fresh version of X-Plane and copying my 3rd party scenery and aircraft over, then updating libraries as needed. So far so good!

    This all started with Beta VR5 & VR6 for me.

  5. I have the Turbo Arrow as well, and have not had any crashes with my sim yet, though I do not have VR. I’ve done some two and three hour long flights with it without any crashes. If you would like to try to rule out the Arrow as a possible memory leak, give me your route that you flew when you got the crashes, and I’ll fly them to see if I get the crash. Would love to help you figure this out.

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