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I haven’t posted many of them here, but I’ve been messing around with live streams on YouTube and have now completed quite a few. They take some extra steps to run from the sim, and they have a performance impact, but I enjoy doing them and enjoy interacting with those watching via the chat. I also like that I don’t have to edit them and upload them to YouTube after the fact. The videos aren’t as well produced, but they save me a bunch of time. You can see them at

One thought on “Live Streams

  1. Welllll… we’ve seen your wonderful uploads both post production and streaming.

    I would say it depends on the overall quality you want to present versus quick and dirty, but still very enjoyable…

    I. Real Time Streaming. Slightly Less quality (on Shadowplay at least)than uploading.
    a. You wanted to fly/game,experiment, ANYWAY..shared or not…right?
    2. Sooo, share it in real time…Whats that cost you? One hour of playtime equals one hour of shared time…play/fly…yer DONE!

    You are 100% actively engaged AND sharing an activity that you love!


    II.Professionally done Production – Record/Post Production/Upload(Ridiculously over simplified example)
    A.Tag, categorize, store shots
    B.write voice over script
    1. Record script
    2.edit recorded script
    a. Find tag and store music/SFX
    3. Assemble raw edited audio , and MIX.
    a. pass to audio post processing EQ,limiting, compression, etc, etc
    C. Either cut video to MUSIC or the reverse, or a combination there-of.

    For Audio post production(ONLY), figure hour ratio of 8-12 hours of post production to each hour of finished product.

    For full professional post production, figure 1-2 MAN YEARS =1-2 hour theatrical production.


    It will take 2-16 hours of Tied- Router-Bandwidth-Time (Up AND Down!) for each hour of your production to post to YouTube. Since your upload speed governs your download speed while uploading…(depending of course on the upload speed you bought), don’t figure on watching any quality video while you’re uploading.

    A. Yep, for The biggest bang for the buck, spontaneous output, and conservation of all resources(Time, allocated Bandwidth, your sanity, YOUR enjoyment), streaming is definitely a productive way to go!

    Yes, Streaming is slightly Less quality (on Shadowplay at least)than Post Production and uploading, but MyOhMy, what a savings!

    I’m playing with the idea of offloading my video stream to my LAN connected multimedia Laptop (I believe that’s what Froogle, jonfly, and Catstrator , et al, do) through OBS’s plugin “NDI”…Apparently, Xsplit has had it a while … .

    Sure , If you want a polished product then you go the post-production route, otherwise streaming is king!

    N.B. I have yet to stream any acceptable SBS 3-D with my WMR-VR flight (resolution-wise, since resolution is already compromised in ALL of our affordable VR-HMDs) … and I will bet dollars to donuts it’s the same deal with Rift or Vive SBS 3-D streams… Mayyyybe Post Production-Uploads will change that?
    I doubt it, but I would love to be proven wrong… Upload an SBS 3-D and we will watch it in either “Big Screen” or SteamVR’s “Virtual Desktop”, and see for ourselves.


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