7 thoughts on “Tampa To Sarasota At Dawn

  1. Awesome.
    I just installed the Lights. txt, you recommended , it looks nice, but main roads are over illuminated & way to bright.
    Another thing i’m curious about is the road traffic during day time, I have a very, & in many cases no traffic at all on main HWY’s, very weird considering that i’m flying in SoCal, which is one of the most busiest county’s in the country.

  2. Very nice flight, and very glad you survived our horrible hurricane season (hope it’s over) with all intact. Glad you are back in the Sim.

    Some time ago I followed your recommendation and got the Desktop Aviator Fuel Selector. I love it! I decided, though, that I needed a more realistic push-pull controller for the parking brake than I needed an emergency fuel cut off, so in FSUIPC I programed the fuel cut off as a parking brake. While not perfect, it was much better than a toggle switch or push-button to toggle the P brake, and served very well until I broke down and bought Desktop Aviator’s Parking Brake controller. That’s a nice unit; I could prefer if the handle had a longer, more realistic travel, though actually for the Mooney, its action is pretty realistic.

  3. Cap’n
    Nice flight indeed.

    I couldn’t help noticing you have a number of Saitek FIP’s. And especially that you are using the Tom Tsui panels. You have the one that has the flaps indicator on it.

    Here’s my question. How do you get Tom’s panels to work with X-Plane? I was under the impression (mistaken?) that he had not yet programmed them to work with X-Plane.


    1. Thanks. I’ll get on that. I finally took the plunge at 67 to get lessons. I’m using x-plane to practice as I think it more closely resembles the real plane than P3D. But I also use P3D because I happen to have a lot more scenery for it. I also design small airports for the FSX P3D series. I have made a brief attempt to use WED but it is a learning curve for me yet. I like it, but it does differ from ADE enough to give me a workout.

      But why not. Why have one simulator when you can 2?.

  4. Another nice flight with great commentary. Good work.

    I must say I loved that night-time scenery, I just had to call my wife to see how realistic it all is.

    Many thanks for letting us share your obvious pleasure and satisfaction. Mike

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