Amazing X-Plane Night Lighting Modification

There’s a modified lights.txt file in the XP11 forum at, and I must say it produces some stunning results with no performance hit so far as I can tell. Thanks to Dave for pointing me to the file, and here’s the link (the file is about half-way down on the first page).

I shot this quick and dirty with my iPhone last night, so there’s no audio and about 20 seconds of the 4:21 are out of focus. But you’ll get the gist. It really transforms the already spectacular X-Plane night environment, so much so that when I first looked I said, “Wow.”

6 thoughts on “Amazing X-Plane Night Lighting Modification

  1. Hi BFG,

    I found the brightness too high and unrealistic. I tried to change the brightness by changing the values in the file but it didn’t seem to have an effect,

    Did you modify the brightness or range settings or any other settings in the light.txt file?

    If so, what did you change the values to?

  2. Visually it is very nice but it is to bright and there is to much light over roads and some other objects over all not so realistic, I’m wondering if there is a simple way to adjust it ?



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