5 thoughts on “Closet Sim Test Flight

  1. Looks great! Since you are now in the “closet” sim, does this mean you will be changing your name to Closet Fly Guy (CFG). 🙂

    Glad you’re back up and flying!

  2. Nice have you back, ! When I see your views put me in the thinking mode of how adjust the front view like yours. I have an Optoma 1080 Darbee and finally got it adjusted in terms of horizontal/vertical but my colors are not, my blu sky is not like the side TVs and not like yours.

    Welcome Back! enjoy south living and crazy weather.

  3. Delighted to see that you are back up and running. It is really great that you share so much of the minutiae of even something like the initial testing after the rebuild. Such details provide a lot of reassurance to us lesser mortals. Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to your next Pilot Edge flight.

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