A Promise Kept

Early in the process of my real-world flight training I promised myself that when I soloed I’d spring for a pair of Randolph Engineering aviator sunglasses — the same kit U.S. military pilots wear. Regular readers know that while my CFI said I was ready to solo last August, because of a delay in my medical from the FAA and other interruptions I didn’t solo until this past March. So while I was ready last year, a promise is a promise when it comes to those sunglasses.

Today they arrived.


3 thoughts on “A Promise Kept

  1. Well they would look alot better on your face… 🙂 Well done on the Sunnies and also for doing your Solo laps. Do you think the Sim helped at all during your time training in Real Life?

    1. Thanks. I’d show a pic of me wearing them but then everyone would know I’m actually Clark Kent. The sim has helped for procedure training, navigation, instrument scan, and flying on the numbers (speed). It’s been a great help with ATC as I use PilotEdge. It was no help in learning to land or the feel of the aircraft in flight. But my view is that it’s either for fun or it’s a training device, but it probably should not be both. Whatever habits you build in the sim will translate to your real world flight, for good or for ill.

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