Real World Solo Laps At KOQN

Readers have requested that I film some real-world flights, but I don’t intend to video in the real airplane often as I don’t want the distraction. But today I went up to practice some solo pattern work, and I plugged in the GoPro with the LEDs turned off and just let it run. Here are a few laps from the flight, and as always, thanks for watching.

One thought on “Real World Solo Laps At KOQN

  1. cool …. I’ll go back flying once I’m back from my 12,000 Miles adventure motorcycle ride to Alaska and the Transcanadian Trail

    at the same time I’m attaching a like to sign the petition to the US Congress to block the initiative to privatization of the ATC system which will impose new and unbearable fees on the GA community

    Best Reg.

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