I know posting has been a bit slow here recently, but real life has me very busy and it’s probably going to be like this for a few weeks as I prioritize family, work, and real flight training ahead of the sim. I also know folks are looking for the “Building Your Basement Sim” guide, and it may now be a while (weeks or a month or two, not years) until I finish it — it really is nearly done. In the meantime, if you are beginning or just starting a build, please email me at ontheglideslope at gmail dot com and I will see how I can help as I don’t want to hold people up from getting started.

So thanks for your patience. If it’s any small consolation, I did complete my first unsupervised solo today after six prior weather cancellations. It’s still a bit odd that they just give you a key and let you take an airplane, but so they did. A short hop today, as the winds were close to my minimums and it was really pretty bumpy up at 2,500 AGL (on one jolt I actually bumped my head on the top of the cabin). So I cut things short and headed back to the barn, but the flight was exciting, I’m glad I got the experience, and I did shoot this short vid heading back to parking.

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  1. Im sure than in addition to me several others miss you this past weeks. It is important you focus on your checkride preparation to get your license. Will be easy if you inmerse on the physical and emotional preparation. I had my last 3 pre checkride practice in a very bumpy air and had me feel more ready for the great day. I was thinkink to fly again, i didnt fly since sold my plane 6 yrs ago, but yuou inspired me to get my sim which makes me feel like in my training cessna and go back to the air. Sir, we all will celebrate you wings Good luck,


  2. Don’t worry BFG, we will be here when you come back. Love your videos and web site. Count me in for the builders guide. When complete. Thanks, Mike M.

  3. On another topic – I finally bit the bullet and bought 4 Saitek FIP’s. I then got the gauges I wanted from Tom Tsui who was super helpful.

    Tom’s gauges improve the FIP’s 100%.

    Thanks for pointing him out.

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