US West “Real Life” (X-Plane)

US West “Real Life” (X-Plane)

I’ve commented before that while World2XP America is excellent for increasing the accuracy of the underlying street-level data in X-Plane 11, much of the autogen it uses are still too european in look and placement. Now user slai has released his US West “Real Life” package to close this gap. From his description at the .org:

This world2xp scenery covering Western US from Los Angeles to Denver, utilizes a focused set of locally flavored HD photoreal textured objects and facades against an extensive heuristic rule set extracting a maximum amount of OSM tag info to produce real life scenery across a vast area.   Mixed with LR autogen buildings and houses using smart exclusions.  Includes scrub and wetland areas but relies on the underlying mesh (highly recommend HD Mesh V3) for roads and wooded forests. 

What gives USA West its distinctive flavor?

  • Fast-food restaurants galore including In-n-Out Burger
  • Parking garages and lots filled with lots of vehicle makes
  • Gas stations, gas canopies, mini-marts, car wash
  • Starbucks, Costco, Whole Foods, Home Depot, mini-mall stores, sprawling malls complexes
  • Very small to large ranch style homes, swimming pools, Row homes in San Francisco, town houses, apartment/condo complexes, apartment buildings
  • High rise towers with helipads, low rise office complexes, light industrial buildings, warehouses
  • Power substations, waste treatment plants, water towers, wind turbines, construction zones, quarry’s
  • Lighted navigational beacons, buoys, lighthouses, piers
  • Dedicated facades and objects for Hotels, Universities, Schools, Hospitals, Government, Banks, Retail, Commercial, Industrial, parks

Like so much of the X-Plane universe, this add on is free. The reviews so far are fantastic and I’ll be downloading it tonight. If you do as well, be sure to follow his directions, especially if you already use World2XP America.

7 thoughts on “US West “Real Life” (X-Plane)

  1. Outstanding! I’m downloading now.

    You had made a comment about your Saitek trim wheel not operating in a earlier video. PB11 has it fixed. Works great for me now!

  2. I’m beginning to lean from FSX to X-Plane 11. I tried the demo and really like it. I might wait until after the beta. Can you provide a summary flight/video of the area? I think a flight from Darrington/1S2 to KBVS might be a nice flight. Departing North and following the river. (If this package goes that far north)

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