KCLW Clearwater Airpark (X-Plane)

KCLW Clearwater Airpark (X-Plane)

Clearwater Airpark is a public strip near downtown Clearwater, Florida. I get to that part of the world from time to time, so thought it would be nice to improve on the available scenery. To use this scenery please download it here from the .org. You will also need these libraries:

This scenery is good for XP 10 and 11. The attached screen caps are with an orthophoto tile underneath and World2XP America / HD Mesh 3, but I have attached a pic over default scenery as well. Thanks for looking and happy flying.





5 thoughts on “KCLW Clearwater Airpark (X-Plane)

  1. I’m having a problem, I downloaded all of your sceneries. There are 2 or 3 that I downloaded all of the required libraries, for example, Clearwater, and when I try to run the scenery it tells me that I am missing a library. Do you know why this would be? I love all of the sceneries that I’ve been able to use, but would like to be able to use the others. I think if I could figure out Clearwater, I’d be able to figure out the rest…..

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