I Finally Built My Own X-Plane Photorealistic Scenery, And Man Was It EASY

Readers know that I was lucky to be gifted a pretty big set of photorealistic ortho scenery for X-Plane. It covers a nice part of the West where I like to use the sim, but I also enjoy the Tampa area and didn’t have scenery for that part of the world. So today I downloaded Ortho4XP and generated my first two tiles, covering the greater Tampa area. I downloaded the Ortho4XP files from the creator here, followed the instructions in this brief video (and there is more information here if you need it), and that was all there was to it. It took about five minutes to get installed and running, and about 10 minutes per tile (but I do have a fast connection). Here are some screen grabs showing the results, and note that this is zoom level 17. With this process being so easy, there is absolutely no reason for X-Plane users to not be creating and enjoying photorealistic scenery for any part of the world in which they wish to fly. And best of all, it’s FREE.

Clearwater Beach North
Tampa Bay & St. Pete
Clearwater Area South
Low & Slow Over Clearwater

3 thoughts on “I Finally Built My Own X-Plane Photorealistic Scenery, And Man Was It EASY

  1. It’s fabulous. I find the best way to use it is batch processing which is explained in this is video.


    It means you can set up a number of tiles covering an area and leave it to run overnight. It shows you how to:

    – set up the zoom levels automatically for me build all airfields at zl18 for 3km around the airfield and zl17 elsewhere
    – automatically link the overlay
    – set up your water masks how you want them.

    The only two things you do manually apart from choosing the tiles in the first place is to:
    – reorder you scenery configure file (when doing say 10 tiles at one I find the easiest way to do this is to run xplane which will build the file names at the top of the list, shut down and then cut and paste into the correct position); and
    – link the files to XP using right click (this will keep them out of your xp folder if you are running out of space)

    I hope this is helpful – took all the pain away for me. Currently building the whole of the UK ten tiles at a time.

    Peter (Capt CWG Allen on Avsim)

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